how car mubaya dubai can be a risk and benefit?

Do you know you can use car mubaya, dubai rta approved service to sell your car or vehicle very quickly to a third party or a dealer ? Yes . It is a quick car sales agreement that authorizes the buyer to change the vehicle to his name without waiting for mandatory vehicle test or getting insurance done. Here the seller give the power of attorney of the vehicle to the buyer through a legal contract valid for 14 days and extendable for another 14 days more.

Mubaya – the legal sales letter can be made from any of RTA approved agency. They do fill a form with Vehicle details , Buyer and seller details and mention the time of agreement. Literally they are preparing an auction agreement form with our details and submitting it to RTA.

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Pros of mubaya sales contract

  1. Easy and quick process
  2. Safe with trusted used car buyer services.
  3. Have 14 days to transfer the vehicle to buyers name
  4. Seller doesn’t need to be present during transfer

Cons and risks of sales using mubaya

Mubaya can expose you to great risk . Especially if you are using this to sell your vehicle it to an unknown individual or un authorized dealer

who is responsible for fines and black points ?

Fines and black points accumulated are added to your traffic file. The agreement legally bind the buyer liable to the fines for 14 days or 28 if extended . But if the buyer fled country after contract days, you have to clear it yourself .

Fines easily adds up, particularly when individual is driving vehicle on someone else’ name.

What if buyer did not transfer the vehicle to his name ?

After the contract days, if the buyer doesn’t agree to transfer the vehicle and return vehicle to you, the only way forward is going to Dubai court which is expensive enough for normal expat. Dubai police Barsha and RTA call centre has confirmed they could do nothing direct in this scenario.

will car mubaya dubai agency support after sales?

By experience, there won’t be any significant support from mubaya agency once the process is done. They also can only suggest to go to police or court in case of disputes.

Occasions has been noted where mubaya agency helped to make yet another sales agreement to a fourth party, without the consent of original owner on whose name car registration is on.

recommendations from mubaya users

The mubaya users suggest to go through normal vehicle ownership transfer procedure to the maximum extend. Try to use this with very close relationship incase you have to exit very urgently from the country.

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