how to improve your career

How to improve your career | To get most out of our career path , one should build a strong base and continue this till we reach the destiny. This need a stable plan and constant strive towards each mile stone. Its humane to get bored on the road. Initial excitements may go away after few days or month and will get saturated. But those who have a made a plan and stick to it will surely reach the goal . Once you are on your goal line, you will definitely be ahead in the path than your peers. Lets look at a few points that will help you keep the spirit towards energetic career path

how to improve your career

Find Your Joy

First and important thing to do is to analyze what are the job you enjoy doing? Its Never too late to do this. It may takes some days , weeks or months until you realize your joy. One should understand what you enjoy doing and what you are passionate about in your life. Its critical to find where you get your joy in life. Once you find some, think of whether this will work for you in your career? You can check for job or ventures that relates what you found enjoying. This will help you keep improving and advancing as time progress.

Set Career Goal & Analyze the milestone often

Its highly recommended for one to set a career goal with milestones. This should include what you want to have achieved in the coming 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. Once you have this high-level overview, break this path into small different mile stones, may be based on months . You can add definite and clear goals in this detailed sub part.

One should also analyze the progress of the career in frequent intervals. See whether you are in right path . See whether a change in plan or an updated addition is required. You should ask yourself “Is this the place where I want to be spending a lot of my time? And giving the joy i need?” If the answer isn’t “NO” , then you should reconsider continuing the job.

Networking is Essential

Networking is unavoidable to build a successful career. Its important to building good and positive connections through out your career. While you should focus towards connecting to people in your industry, its also good to diversify connection to acquire good knowledge. Linked in is a good platform to build and keep professional network. This will enable you to get support, advice, new industry knowledge, new leads and new job opportunities. Your connections should feel you add value to them while they respect you as a connection.

Set Ego aside & Learn from your mistakes

No Human is perfect and every persons makes mistakes. It is how effectively we deal with a mistake that make difference. The best strategy is to take best lesson from your mistake and shred away the shyness & embarrassment that comes out of it. If you stick this rule in your career , you are definitely on a path of continuous improvement that can lead to growth and promotion. Accept the mistake in its reality and move on.

Work – Life Balance

Work life balance is essential for your a better performing career. Happy and relaxing time with friends and family will help reduce the work stress and enable better thought process. This will help to improve work performance.

An individual should refresh his mind by using optimum days of break from work every 6-12 months. By optimum it clearly means that, the break should not be extended too long that laziness take control.

Health is Wealth

No Matter how hard or smart you want to work, your company is not going to be on your side when you are no longer healthy. So its very important to find time for health maintaining routine. This can be anything but not limited to going to gym, jogging, meditation & yoga. Dedicate at least 30-60 minutes daily for your health.

Research potential companies matching your goal

While You are on job, you should always keep on updating your CV with the tasks you handle. Especially if you are handling multiple tasks. Also do a research on potential companies that will match the milestones that was set on the career goal.

Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering will not only add quality connections to your network, it also enable you to get exposure required for your career growth. While it is recommended for you to volunteer based on your career path, general volunteering also helps. This will also add value to your CV, especially while applying for top companies.

Learn till you Die

Learning should be continuous . One should always acquire new skills according to the changing technology and so developing world. Just because you have a degree or certification does not mean that you can settle for this knowledge. You need to constantly look at improving your skill set, your knowledge and being ahead of potential developments or improvements.

Feedback Time

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