Ramadan in UAE – Dos and Donts

Are you new to UAE or a gulf country ? When its your first Ramadan in UAE, you should be aware of some Dos and Don’t Dos in public during the season. You might be new to some laws particular to Ramadan . Let’s find the key points to respect the local law during the Holy month of Ramadan.

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Why is ramadan special ?

Ramadan is factually the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. This is a holy month for Muslims which is featured by fasting at day time, charity, abstain from wrong thoughts, increasing prayer to god, reading and memorizing holy Quran, family get together and much more. UAE is based on Islamic principles and multicultural resident’s nature, laws are enforced to ensure no public disturbance to people who fast is happening.

How public changes in ramadan ?

  • Most of the Restaurants will be closed during the day time.
  • Ramadan Tents for iftar near Masjids (Fast breaking)
  • Reduced working hours, by at least 2 hours as per UAE law. So is the case of Government /public entities.
  • Make a note of changed Public transport and Parking timings.

what to abstain in public

  • Do not eat, chew, drink or smoke in public during fasting hours.
  • Do not play loud music publicly during this month. Stick to headphones and turn the volume down.
  • No public displays of affection and avoid swearing.
  • Wear moderate / decent dress in public.

Now Do it special

  • Driving during Ramadan is hardest compared to other months. People in the road are with less energy due to fasting and its logged more accidents this season. So be careful while driving.
  • You can still order or buy food from groceries and have it from a private place.
  • No or less restrictions after sunset prayer ( around 7 pm) and between early morning prayer ( around 4 am)
  • Dont forget to Enjoy the Ramadan night markets
  • Participate in Iftar treats and try fasting a day with your friends or colleagues
  • Participate in Charity and Crescent events

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