Sharjah biennial

Sharjah biennial started in 1993, makes it another golden feather to its crown of culture. Sharjah biennial is a contemporary art festival which encourage, exhibit and produce amazing arts to the multicultural UAE community . It is also creating a stage for highly talented artist through out the region.  Started as an invite only – country wise representative platform , the event was later added the stage for individual talents.

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where is sharjah biennial venue ?

Various centers including Sharjah expo center is open for public during the biennial. The event occur between months of march and june. Biennial exhibits historical courtyards of Sharjah, where variables of both public and private life intersects. The courtyards are usually a great platform for art and cultural growth seeding the efficient growth through experience.

event and attractions

Biennial incorporates space for  artists, architects, filmmakers, musicians and performers whose artworks and practices resonate with strands of the curatorial theme. This is aimed at developing the practice of critical thinking and learning 

Opening ceremony is characterized by the presence of honorable rulers and ministers. This is usually followed by Award ceremony by Sharjah Department of culture and information which honors talented artists. Cultural & entertainment events and sessions add recreation to the visitors. Most government art department buildings are stage to the event which is wide spread to all over the emirates of sharjah including Kalba Area

Yes. its free

The event has got many programs scheduled ranging from featuring film, performance attractions to workshops and projects. Most of the events are free to entry or register for visitors. You are able to see the list of programs and events scheduled at Sharjah Art Foundation official website.

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