things to care when buying used car in uae

Buying used car in uae ? If not done with utmost care, you will not only end up wasting your hard earned money, but will end up paying a heavy amount to maintenance charges. The seller can misguide you and will try to hide you negative facts so as to get a good price for his car. So its your and only your duty to find a car that don’t take your peace away .

buying used car in uae

Let look a few non technical things to care while buying a used car,

Never trust a seller based on just words

The ultimate aim of the seller is to get rid of the car with maximum price. Keeping that in mind, make sure you confirm each and every point about the car in physical inspection. Be it a known person or a stranger , Be it sweet words or boasting about car, stick to your buying target and verify everything without compromise.

Inspect – fix the deal only during the day

Never fix a deal only by inspecting it during night. Crooked seller choose night to show the car so that they can hide many important faults. This includes but in not limited to AC working conditions, hiding dents, leakages and list may go on.

Never forget to test drive a vehicle

It is of great importance you test drive a vehicle. When you do this, you can spot any abnormalities which are easily identifiable. You can look for any abnormal sound (turn the radio off, but test it as well) from the engine or from the rear end.

Check the traffic fines in all emirates

Make sure you check the traffic fines for each of the emirates before you fix the deal. Traffic fine systems in the country is not consolidated but individual based on emirates. The traffic fines in emirates where the vehicle is registered has to be mandatorily cleared before transfer of registration. But fines of the other emirates is not taken into consideration many times . We have verified instance of vehicle having fines 10 year back being transferred many times in other emirates.

Pro tip: Take an expert inspection before the final deal

If you have made it near to 100 percent, it is highly advised to take a professional inspection service for 200-500 AED. It will be worth it because you are going to be living with this for a while. These tests can give you details about the working conditions of vital parts. You may ignore the unimportant points , but can give you good bargain. Some online sites do list the cars which have been inspected with various factors.

what are the main technical points to note before buying used car in UAE ? Coming up next ! Thank you for your visit ..