Will JIO Work In UAE ?

Will JIO sim work In UAE ? The Answer is Yes. Jio SIM will work in UAE if you have activated one of the roaming pack at least once. JIO and DU is in partnership to provide world-class roaming facility enabling cheap calling within UAE & India for just 2 Rupee. If your smartphone support WIFI Calling feature , you can get the call rate reduced to 1 Rupee per minute.

If you are roaming for the first time, you wont get any incoming messages or calls without activating any of valid roaming packs. Your network will display “emergency only”. Once you have done a prepaid roaming recharge or activated a postpaid roaming facility , the service will get activated within 15-30 minutes . Lets see some more details on the jio roaming services below

Will JIO sim work In UAE ?

How to activate international roaming in jio prepaid

You can activate International roaming in JIO prepaid by recharging of the many international roaming pack available. Value pack of Rs 575 is a 1 day validity pack which will give you benefits of unlimited calling & data. Please refer below table for more packs that work in UAE.

Make sure ROAMING DATA is enabled in your network settings to use the data. This is disabled by default in most of the smart phones.

What are jio international roaming plans for prepaid uae ?

Below are few plans for international roaming users which is valid for UAE

Value Pack
28 DaysRs 933.05 IR usage as per usage rate
Value Pack With WIFI Calling
28 DaysRs 933.05 IR usage as per usage rate
Unlimited Plan
1 DayUnlimited Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls, Data & SMS
Unlimited Plan
7 DaysUnlimited Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls, Data & SMS
Unlimited Plan
28 DaysUnlimited Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls, Data & SMS

jio international roaming call rates

Below are the Pay go rates for jio roaming in UAE,

Standard PayGo Rates
Mobile Data (Rs/10KB)Rs 0.02/10 KB
Call back to India(Rs/min)Rs 2/min
Outgoing Local call (Rs/min)Rs 2/min
Other Outgoing International (Rs/min)Rs 100/min
Incoming call (Rs/min)Rs 2/min
Outgoing SMS (Rs/sms)Rs 2/sms

Jio sim not working in uae : Solution

The sim will throw “emergency call only” signal if you haven’t activated roaming at least once in life time. Don’t worry you can activate this service even when you are in UAE. All you need to do is get a International roaming pack recharge done using jio online website or similar recharge service providers like paytm, googlepay,phonpe,amazonpay etc.

can i receive an otp on a jio sim in the uae without a roaming pack?

If you havent activated roaming atleast once before in your JIO sim you wont be receiving any kind of messages or call. Hence you wont receive any otp. But you can do a recharge online for international roaming for any basic pack . Once you have done initial activation you will receive messages even though the pack is not active.

can i receive sms without international roaming jio

Yes. Once you have activated international roaming by recharging at least one time, that sim will receive incoming messages without any charges. All other communications including outgoing messages , outgoing calls , incoming calls, data usage are charged according to the pay as you go rates.

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