free voip in UAE from DU and Etisalat

FREE VOIP IN UAE | Etisalat is now offering free legal voip calls to all its home and mobile users for period of two weeks. Du is also providing the offer to its mobile users. Users will get unlimited data and voice calling using the now allowed apps BOTIM and C’Me. This would be really nice to try for majority of users in UAE who are struggling to call home due to hefty rates and bills.

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There is no cost or charges hidden during this free period. Subscribers are free to unsubscribe anytime within two weeks, so that they are not charged monthly fee after the free period. Here is how you could get this offer . All Etisalat Users can use My Etisalat app to easily subscribe ,check validity and unsubscribe to this offer. Or use below text format for free

For Etisalat Mobile users

SMS “ICP” to 1012

Unsubscribe :
SMS “C CP: to 1012

Check Validty of Free period
SMS “IMV” to 1012

For etisalat Elife users (Use registered mobile number)

SMS “EICP” to 1010 –

Unsubscribe :
SMS “C EICP” to 1010

Check Validty of Free period
SMS “T EICP” to 1010

Below are the options for DU customers to activate the offer

For DU Mobile users

SMS ‘ICP’ to 1012.

Unsubscribe :

Check Validty of Free period
You will receive an SMS notification 3 days before the offer expires

For du Home users

No free offer announced.

Click here to download and know more about the APPS – BOTIM and C’Me

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