How to Check if Dubai Visa is Genuine

How to check if Dubai visa is genuine ? Its important to verify a newly issued visas before coming to UAE. Especially when some one is outside the country waiting to get visa process done by agent in UAE. Fraudsters has got hands everywhere. There were multiple instances where fraudsters tricked people by editing visa template through graphics editors and cheating people their hard earned money. Some times Visit visa is provided instead of Employment. There are a few online portals where any one in the world can verify visa validity, Name and Type of Visa or Entry Permit.

How to Check if Dubai Visa is Genuine

Check newly issued Visa , Entry Permit status through Amer Website

New Visas are mostly processes through Amer centers. Any one can check the validity of the visa by entering the below details

1.VISA number- 14 Digit number in a format xxx/2022/xxxxxxx

2.First Name


4.Date of Birth

Visit Amer website through below link now

Dubai visa check by passport number only

Website by Identity & Citizenship Authority can give you information on the Visa Status & Validity by using Passport number . The same also allow you to search Visa information using any of the below as well

1, Emirates ID Number

2. Unified Identification Number

3. File number

This Service can be accessed from below url

FAQs on Visa

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