most common scams in uae & how to avoid traps ? [Part 1]

Common Scams in UAE | Sadly, Scams exists every where in the world. With increased digital accessibility, the cyber crimes are also increasing at a very high rate. UAE is no short for this. UAE is a wonderful nation with more than 200 nationalities living happily as a community. Laws are very strict here. Still there are many scammers around who manages to hide from eyes the laws and law keepers.

Most scammers target the new expats to the region who are will be just getting used to laws and rules . Many traps are psychological so that victim will be reluctant to go to the police for help . Beware of the below scams and be on the safe side.

common scams in uae, most common scams in uae
most common scams in uae

What are some common scams in uae ?

Lottery Scam

Lottery scams are the most common scams. You may have heard about similar email scams. But here they send SMS / WhatsApp or call to the target saying they have won lottery of a good sum of money. They usually take the name of reputed companies like Etisalat, Du, Emirates, LULU ,Carrefour etc to convince the target. Once they feel the target can be preyed on, they ask him to pay a small fee to transfer the so called winning amount. New expats fall to this trap when they hear it a part of draw from a reputable firm.

Honey Trap Scams

A few kind of honey trap scams where reported by popular media as well as forums.

First of them is a dating offer from social media. Scammer posts pictures of beautiful girls and offer to meet for date at their location. Once the target reaches the location, they threaten him to submit all money and mobile he got. The gang asks the victim to not inform the police or they will publish the chats they did and in turn make a case against him for asking a girl for date.

Another one is similar to that, but someone posing as a girl might ask to provide money or recharge vouchers. Once they posses the vouchers send by the victim they block him.

One another SCAM is stealing valuable in the hidden (& illegal) brothels. A lady in the street who is part of the gang invite to target to her room from where his valuables are stolen by her gangmate when he intimates with the lady scammer. No victim will dare to complain as what they have done is well against the law.

Rich lady scam

Desperate single men are again targeted here. The scammer offers to provide huge weekly income for meeting & dating rich ladies in the region. They can show fake proofs of payments. And finally the scam pitch in. They will ask for a registration fee which will be much less than the income offered. For those who sends money, they will end up getting a ban.

Fake Smart Phones scam

When you are the street you may be persuaded with latest version of an iPhone or high end smart phone at very low price. These are the scammers selling a fake copy of phone that looks similar to the original. They wont let you check it for a long time. They will hurry you up and make you pay before you realize it was a scam.

Fake job Scams

Job related scams are common here . There was many cases when fake consultancies attract job seekers by posting fake jobs with attractive salary. They will even arrange an interview somewhere and finally demand fee 500 or 1000 claiming it will be used for job or visa processing. Such contacts will never respond back once the victim pays and leaves.

Fake sim with unbelievable offers

Many was trapped with scammers in streets offering fake sim cards with attractive data and calling offers at very low price. Sim card wont be working at all or it may end up being a normal sim without any promised offers.

Emotional Beggars

Even though begging is an offence in UAE, you can find beggars in public streets who try to lure you emotionally. Begging in a car asking money for gas/petrol is common among them. Usually the car number plates are found from neighboring countries. You may also see illegal pen/attar sellers pitching in emotional words and asking financial helps. If you feel someone need assistance, you may advise them to contact charity organization or police.

How to avoid the scammers & seek help ?

Residents and visitors are advised to contact police departments of respective emirates if they are in danger or had financial losses. Make sure these things if you are new in UAE

  1. Make your purchase only from genuine vendors
  2. Anyone can get excited when they hear you won millions and most want to give it a try. And that’s the exact trap. No company will announce a lottery or contest other than though their verified media accounts.
  3. For your safety and to abide by laws, don’t try to do a date with an unknown.
  4. If any company asks a fee for a job during the interview, leave the place immediately.
  5. It is perfectly ok and safe to say NO to strangers

Feedback Time

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