naukrigulf resume spotlight review

Looking for a genuine naukrigulf resume spotlight service review ? We got you covered. This review is based on recent purchases by our team members

naukrigulf resume spotlight review
Resume spotlight Review

What is naukrigulf resume spotlight service ?

Resume spotlight service is one of the premium service offered by naukri gulf team (infact most of the similar service providers like monster-gulf). The purpose of this service is highlight your profile and rank higher in the searches by the recruiters. Basically it boosts your CV naukri gulf profile and increases the chance of being noticed by the job posters and recruiters.

How much does resume spotlight cost ?

The service normally cost $55 for three months and $85 for six months when last updated. Chances are there if you combine and order with any other services , they will give you a wonderful discount. If you really wish to try some bargains in the chat and you have the possibility to get service for cheap rate (Not guaranteed)

Does this really help to get a job ?

Resume spot light does not guarantee a job , but it definitely increases your chance to get noticed by an employer. As usual it depends on many factors like experience , skills and so on.

Many a times analytics shows that more recruiters contacted us and is higher than with out premium service. But in real most of these are doing promotions of there course or immigration services (of course our profile get highlighted to them too).

Is it value for money ?

There is no definite answer for this. If you avail this at a cheaper price , it can be a good addition . For experienced and well profiled individuals, this can help them without getting lost in the crowd.

We did add this service as a combo of naukrigulf cv writing service. So it was a value addition for a few more bucks. Read Naukri gulf CV writing review here

Overall review: Did you end up in a job ?

Overall, we had a slight increase in emails from recruiters than usual. But not up to the expectation we had when ordered. We did not get a good offer or amazing offers on job only because of this. Nor we had calls after calls day by day which is a dream and hope for any one who are desperate for a job.

As a Final Mark, this is only an addition with no guarantees what so ever. So do some research before spending some money and do it only if you afford. Again spending money doesn’t offer you a guaranteed ob or even an interview call.

If you would like us to mention any missing part on naukrigulf resume spotlight review, please feel free to comment below .