Parking timing and fee UAE

Parking timing and fee UAE | Its a real chaos when you have to figure out parking of different emirates of UAE. Fact is parking does not have standardized rate and timing through out the country. It varry across different emirates.This had caused residents traveling between emirates accumulating fines. Here is a quick guide on parking rules, fees and timing at each emirates.

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Interestingly Many emirates like Ras Al Kaimah , Fujairah , Umm Al Quwain doesn’t have a paid parking system in place as of now. So it’s basically free parking at these emirates.

Parking in Ajman

Ajman has implemented two types of parking charges which varies depending on time shift. They are as below

8 AM to 1 PM– AED 2 per hour

5 PM to 9 PM– AED 1 per hour

Foe times other than above two class, the parking is free in Ajman.

Parking timing Dubai

In Dubai , Parking timing are different for a wide category of parking zone .

Zone CodeAreaTiming30 Min1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours4 Hours24 Hours
Zone ACommercial8am-10pm2481216Max 4 Hr
Zone BCommercial8am-10pmN/A3681220
Zone CNon-Comm8am-10pmN/A25811Max 4 Hr
Zone DNon-Comm8am-10pmN/A2581010
Zone EDeira Fish Market8am-11pmN/A481216Max 4 Hr
Zone FTecom8am-6pmN/A25811Max 4 Hr
Zone GDowntown8am-10pmN/A481216Max 4 Hr

Parking in Sharjah

Parking timing for Sharjah paid parking zones are normally between 08 AM to 10 PM except Fridays and other announced holidays. Some busy zones were made paid parking 24 hours throughout the year which was recently introduced to reduce misuse of free parking in Busy Streets. This includes parts of Al Majaz, the Birds Market area and Al Shuwahain

Parking in Abudhabi

Its more complicated parking fee structure in Abudhabi than any other emirates. There is normal paid parking zones and Residents only parking zones.

Below are the rates of Normal paid parking zone

Category Zone Color Timing 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 24 Hours
Premium Parking Turquoise and white 8am-12am 3 6 9 12 Max 4
Standard Parking Turquoise and black 8am-12am 2 4 6 8 15
Multistory NA NA 2 4 6 8 15

Residents only permit are marked as Resident Permit Only or Villa Resident Permit Only

Resident Permit Only zones are allocated for Resident parking permit holders only from 9pm to 8am , where as other can park paying the allotted parking rates

Villa Resident Permit Only parking zone can only be used by one holding villa resident parking permit holders only at any time. Others parking this area can invite fines.