how to handle difficult boss

Do you get over stressed by your boss ? Needless to say, it make work environment uninteresting and gloomy. It is very common to a have a stressful boss.You need to know how to handle difficult boss. If not, it will lead to a limited professional life . It will indeed affect your physical as well as mental health. This has to be handled , assessed and improved at each and every situation with your boss .

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Tips on how to handle difficult boss

Lets see few helpful tips for that,

1. Identifying the root cause

Its important to find out what makes boss angry. Stay within the professional & personal limit and avoid creating anything that triggers a negative energy to the boss or reporting head. Try to find out his difficult areas. Find areas where you can improve and lessen the tension

2. Communication: Universal Key to Success

Many of times difficult situations happen with communication errors. Even minor error creates tension and misunderstanding. If a mistake happens, it is important to take a lesson from it and improve next time to avoid repeating it. Make sure to reach the same communication level where you boss is. Some need in-depth explanation on topic whereas some require them to be just updated.

3. Documentation and Reference

Make sure to document each and every meeting and interaction with the boss. This will help you refer back and also use them as proofs . Most difficult bosses contradict themselves and that why they are difficult in most cases.When you have a boss who is always complaining about deadlines and likes to micromanage things it is advisable to be one step ahead and not give him a chance to complain.

4. Being Cool and Giving the time

When you are in a conflicting situation with your boss you should always give enough time for tension to ease . It is always better to relax and take a deep breath to keep situation in control. Don’t let it pull you down or rush to words or conclusions . Being cool help you get to the matter and solve it logically. When we take it more emotionally, we are out of focus .

5. Assess the team as whole

Assess within yourself whether you comfortable with rest of the leadership team except your boss. Find if he is like that in general or to selected individuals. If boss is the only non-comfort zone , try to be kindly open up the situation. Whatever the situation is and no matter how bad your boss is, it should not affect your work. If it does, take necessary steps. Quitting the job is the last choice.

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