Which is the Best Time to Visit UAE for Job search

A common question for those who plan to visit UAE, is that which is the Best Time to Visit UAE for Job search ? UAE is a very active and positive market in the middle east. It has job opening going all around year on an average rate. For a expat who is planning to visit for a job, its better they avoid these times when the hiring rate is very low.

Which are the Best Time to Visit UAE for a Job search

Its is always best time to be in UAE. For Job seekers to plan to visit UAE on tourist visa / visit visa, start the application at least 2-3 months before you land. Here are the period of peek hiring when not overlapped with below given period of low hiring.

Beginning of the Year

Beginning of the year January to April, are the time when companies plan their budget and adjust the resources. This will be the time when new hiring’s will be announced and acted upon.

October through November

This is another period when the economy is at its full operation. Students are back to School, Employees are back to work, Summer fatigue is getting over and its start of tourism peak time. Most business are preparing for the Winter which is the time of peak activity.

Period when hiring process are very low in UAE

Holy Month of Ramadan

The UAE almost dedicate itself to fasting and prayers during the month of Ramadan. The working hours are reduced by 2- 3 hours for everyone. And when it comes to hiring, its lowest of the entire year.

Christmas & New Year

Most employees take time off by mid of December to travel home and business will be just operations. Important decisions get postponed until the mid of January. A lot of people travel during this period of time and
recruitment processes internally definitely slow down.

Peak Summer – Summer vacation

Peak summer is also time for summer vacation. One can definitely feel relaxed about less traffic and free roads this time. Schools are closed and most parents plan vacation this time, ie from July to August. UAE faces its peak summer temperatures ranging from 45 C to 52 C. Hiring is at lowest during this time.

can i find a job in dubai with visit visa ?

Answer is Yes. You can search and find job in Dubai with a visit visa. This is common way how people find job in UAE. However you have to convert your visa to work visa or other eligible visa in order to start working. It is illegal to work when you are in a visit visa. Usually the employer who hires will initiate the process of visa change when you get hired.

in 3 months can we get job in dubai

If you are willing to do any work, the answer is YES. For other cases, as in case of any country/city, a defined time frame cannot be set for job search. Do a well planned visit for a job search and you can achieve this.

can a fresher get a job in dubai

A fresher can get a job in Dubai. But the probability is very low as there are more experienced people available in the market. If you prove your talent and long term commitment , firms with strict budget will accommodate freshers and give on job training. Of course with salary lower than average.

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